Innovative Microcontroller Technology

BlueSpring Controls creates solid state microcontrollers that have a small form factor mini-computer as the brains of the product and are therefore capable of performing high-level operations based on hard-coded algorithms or logic sequences utilizing database information.

About BlueSpring Controls, LLC

For us, it's all about EFFICIENCY.

BlueSpring Controls offers products that dramatically increase efficiency while being the model of reliability in daily operation.

Born from 30 years of hands-on experience in the controls industry, you can be assured you’re getting products backed by knowledge and skills earned and tested in actual product applications.

Our products are designed to check every box on the field engineer’s wish list such as: effortless installation, zero maintenance, and ease of troubleshooting. We understand what it means to have a smart product that exceeds industry performance standards.


For Light Commercial & Residential Outdoor Needs

When it comes to having control over your outdoor landscape lights, holiday decorations and lighting, pool pumps, or even irrigation systems, BlueSpring Controls has the ideal selection for your control needs with our BlueROC Series.

Manage your lights and energy better than ever and keep your electric bill as low as possible using BlueSpring technology!  Simply the most dependable, accurate, secure, and user friendly energy control technology available!

Have a bigger project? No worries, we also offer our BluePro Series for your heavier duty jobs! 


A smart product you can TRUST

Robust circuitry and load control capability

We use relays and circuits that will hold up for hundreds of thousands, even millions, of cycles. The goal of our design and production team is to provide a durable and reliable product that will perform for many years to come.


Benefits of BlueSpring Controls just works ALL the time

  • Accuracy to the Millisecond

  • Precise Process and Control Automation

  • Designed to be Installed and Forgotten

  • Controlled Right from Your Phone

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What Clients Say?

Real Customers, Real Reviews

"I used BlueSpring Controls for a clients patio lighting and it worked great! Easy to setup and we haven't seen any issues."

Crown Point, IN

"We had a parking lot that needed to have scheduled lighting controls implemented. We used BlueSpring Controls to get the job done! Simple setup, got our job completed in no time."

Chicago, IL

"My family wanted a way to control our exterior lights on our home with a smart device. After seeing what BlueSpring Controls could do we immediately recommended the product to our landscaper. Very happy to have their products controlling out lights!"

St. John, IN