BlueSpring Lighting Controller Installation

For the majority of commercial building applications, lighting control is achieved using mechanical time clocks.


A typical lighting control scenario using mechanical time clocks at a commercial office building:

  • Load 1 (building lights/canopy lights/etc); Load 2 (sign lights/parking lot lights/etc).
  • Separate time clocks are required to accommodate separate loads and separate static schedules.
  • Mechanical dials and metallic screw "tabs" are used to set on/off times.
  • Adjustments to on/off times must be made manually, multiple times in the course of a year, to compensate for constant changes in dusk/dawn times, daylight savings time, and time-of-day inaccuracy due to power outages or mechanical malfunction.

A BlueSpring Pro-230 lighting controller replaces both time clocks


Replacing mechanical time clocks with the BlueSpring controller is simple:

  • BlueSpring Pro-230 controls both Load 1 & Load 2
  • Load 1 (building lights/canopy lights/etc) is wired to relay-1
  • Load 2 (sign lights/parking lot lights/etc) is wired to relay-2
  • Load control capacity is easily multiplied using contactors

Wireless connectivity to the Pro-230 controller allows for digital schedule programming using any Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled device.

The BlueSpring Programming App, Apple or Android, is available at the Apple App Store or Google Play. 


Programming the schedules for the BlueSpring lighting controller is simple using the BlueSpring Programming App.  BlueSpring technology employs sophisticated astronomic dusk-to-dawn logic for maximum accuracy and energy efficiency, while also offering the flexibility of static time-of-day scheduling. This includes multiple daily schedules as well as holiday schedules for each load. Daily schedules can be combined using astronomic and static time if desired. No counterintuitive manual programming using buttons and confusing LED displays.

Daylight savings time adjustments are automatic, and built-in battery backup saves programming in the event of power outage.


BlueSpring Lighting Controllers

Easy to install, easy to program, astronomic accuracy, maintenance free. "Set it and forget it. It just works ALL the time.

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