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Real Customers, Real Reviews

"I used BlueSpring Controls for a clients patio lighting and it worked great! Easy to setup and we haven't seen any issues."

Crown Point, IN

"We had a parking lot that needed to have scheduled lighting controls implemented. We used BlueSpring Controls to get the job done! Simple setup, got our job completed in no time."

Chicago, IL

"My family wanted a way to control our exterior lights on our home with a smart device. After seeing what BlueSpring Controls could do we immediately recommended the product to our landscaper. Very happy to have their products controlling out lights!"

St. John, IN

"Our Security and Sign lights had no control.  We used switches and breakers to turn them on and off.  Now that we have a BlueSpring controller, the lights operate when they are supposed to.  And I don't have to worry if someone forgot to turn them on. "

— Ricky S.
Decherd, TN

"With the BlueSpring Controller operating our exterior lights, I no longer have to go and set the mechanical timer when we have a power failure or seasonal time change.  The accuracy is amazing! "

— George W.
Tinley Park, IL

"I have installed several BlueSpring products for my customers.  I'd have to say the ease of operation makes my job a whole lot easier.  It's my go to lighting controller."

— Steve P.
    Crown Point, IN

"We have a BlueSpring pump controller on our swimming pool.  It replaced a mechanical type timer, which was always out of whack.  Now my pool pump starts and stops exactly when it's scheduled and I don't have to wonder if my family remembered to check to see if it was running."

— C.V.
Portage, IN