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Our Products

BluePRO M-Series

For Professional Customized Control

Our flagship M215 controller includes heavy duty 15 amp, 2 or 4 channel exterior lighting controllers that use astronomic dusk to dawn logic, or a static time of day schedule. This includes multiple daily schedules as well as holiday schedules for each load. Daily schedules can be combined using astronomic and static time if desired. Built-in battery backup saves programming in the event of power outage.

An optional photo-transducer is available and will allow circuits to have a combination of time and sudden darkness control.

Programming is achieved via any Bluetooth or WiFi enabled device. No counterintuitive manual programming.

bluespring box

BlueROC Series

For DIY and Residential Outdoor Needs

When it comes to having control over your outdoor landscape lights, holiday lighting, pool pumps, or even irrigation systems, the BlueROC Series is the ideal selection for your needs. Control your home better than ever with the power of BlueSpring!

BlueROC Prototype

Product Development

Our product development team is producing a 4-channel relay control that is the size of a deck of cards! It can be inserted into existing control systems to provide on-off control, counting functions, logic-based control, and much more!  All with functionality accessible and programmable using any Bluetooth or WiFi enabled device.