Our Products

BlueROC Series

For Light Commercial & Residential Outdoor Needs

When it comes to having control over your outdoor landscape lights, holiday lighting, pool pumps, or even irrigation systems, the BlueROC Series is the ideal selection for your needs. Control your lights and energy better than ever with the power of BlueSpring!

2 Circuit Lighting Controller

BluePRO Series

For Professional Installers

Our Pro line of controllers were designed for the professional installer.  From installation, setup, programming, and service if needed, the Pro Series controllers were made for the customer that demands the best.

  • The Pro-230 - Compact design with big capabilities.  Two independent N/C circuits housed in a 4.5" X 7.75" enclosure.
  • The Pro-430 - Big brother to the 230, but with four independent circuits.  Slightly larger footprint at 7.5" X 11' but still small enough to fit in tight spaces.
  • The Pro-H -  This is a custom built panel with lighting contactors built in.  Capable of handling large Interior and Exterior lighting loads.  It has four independent circuits with their own schedules.  Sizes start at 12" X 18".

Using the BlueSpring App, installers can quickly program the controllers to operate exactly how they want it to perform.  No need to call a central station to get the system up and running.  All programming and schedules are done through the app.


Product Development

Our product development team is producing a 4-channel relay control that is the size of a deck of cards! It can be inserted into existing control systems to provide on-off control, counting functions, logic-based control, and much more!  All with functionality accessible and programmable using any Bluetooth or WiFi enabled device.