BlueROC Series




For Light Commercial/Residential Outdoor Needs

When it comes to having control over your outdoor landscape or holiday lighting, pool pumps, or even irrigation systems, the BlueROC Series is the ideal selection for your needs.  It is truly plug and play, with multiple on-off and holiday schedules for one or two circuits, depending on your model.  And like all BlueSpring products, you never have to worry about being hacked over your network.  We use a peer to peer network between your smart phone or tablet and the BlueROC controller, never using your WiFi environment for communication.  Control your lights and your energy better than ever with the power of BlueSpring!

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions N/A

Black, Grey

Plug In Cord

120 volt, Type B, 15 amp outlet plug, 120 volt, Type B, 15 amp GFCI outlet plug, 220 volt non-metallic whip, 4', 3-#12 THHN wire, 20 amp

Receptacle Cord

2 – 120 volt, Type B, 7.5 amp ea., 1 – 120 volt triple tap cord, Type B, 15 amp, 1 – 220 vac non-metallic whip, 4', 3-#12 THHN wire, 20 amp


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