BluePRO-430 Lighting Controller


  • Multiple daily schedules per load
  • Four Independent 20 amp circuits
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time
  • Built-in WiFi access for easy editing
  • Holiday programming, 365 schedules
  • 1-year battery backup for power loss
  • NEMA Class 4, IP66

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All Pro line controllers come with built-in 365-Day astronomic time relay control plus the added ability to enter custom on/off times in addition to the dusk/dawn feature. By entering the local zip code during initial setup, the Pro-430 controller determines the precise dusk and dawn times for that geographic area. Minutes +/- can create custom on/off times relative to dusk/dawn. A set time of day can also be used with the dusk/dawn feature. Example: Dusk +15 ON – 10:00PM OFF

The Pro-430 controllers have intuitive power sensing ability allowing for incoming voltage between 110 and 240 VAC, which facilitates easy installation.

Setup and programming does NOT involve cumbersome manual buttons or toggling through cryptic LED screens in an attempt to decipher the programming sequence.  Simply download the free BlueSpring mobile app available at Google Play and the Apple App store and program the Pro-L through your smartphone.  Location setup, load names, daily and holiday schedules, all from an intuitive, easy to use app interface on your phone or tablet.  And there are no security issues.  BlueSpring products work on a peer to peer network with your smartphone or tablet, and do not need to use your existing internet network.

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Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in

M215, M415